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The Boomerang Kids

thresholders, twentysomethings, and everyone else

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This journal is for thresholders, twentysomethings, and those of us without clever labels. It's for people ages 18-26 that are somewhere between adolescence and adulthood. We're "reaping the fruit of decades of American affluence and social liberation" and loving every minute of it. We are free (and/or forced to) bounce from job to job, apartment to apartment, and relationship to relationship--it is expected of us. This community is dedicated to savoring life the way you want to and redefining this "transitional" period.

Note: I'm not any kind of social science analyst or expert on generational studies, I just got really pissed off at that TIME article ("They Just Won't Grow Up) and was inspired to create a forum for other people that have an opinion.